Truck Accidents: What You Need To Know

Truck AccidentTrucking accidents can be catastrophic. Due to the nature of trucking accidents it’s likely your medical expenses will exceed your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. The process of handling these claims can be complicated and extensive. That’s why you need to hire an attorney experienced with handling trucking accident cases. Usually, trucking accident claims will be filed against the trucking company which owns the vehicle rather than the driver. Trucking companies have a great deal of resources and work quickly to defend their cases so contact us now to set up a free consultation.

A good settlement is no accident!

What To Do If You’ve Been Involved In A Trucking Accident

Immediately following a crash, the trucking company and their insurance company will begin an accident investigation. These companies have a great deal of experience in handling these claims. Trucking companies have specific and detailed procedures, which are designed to limit recovery for those injured. That’s why at Mitchell Law we launch our own investigation with our own experts including biomechanical engineers, and accident reconstruction specialists.

Trucking accident cases can be complicated because there are a number of different parties that may be liable for your injuries. These include:

  • Truck Driver

  • Truck Driver’s Employer

  • Owner of the Truck

  • Company Leasing the Truck

  • Owner of the Leasing Company

  • Owner of the Trailer (if attached)

  • Company Leasing the Trailer

Every trucking accident is different so the extent of injuries suffered will vary between cases. In many cases medical expenses will exceed PIP coverage and will require additional litigation or negotiations. Some of the injuries you may be diagnosed with include:

  • Head Injuries

  • Neck and Back Injuries

  • Burns and Scarring

  • Paralysis

  • Whiplash

  • Knee and Elbow Injuries

  • Shoulder Injuries