Texting and driving; put the phone down it can wait.

Texting while drivingThe United States Department of Transportation notes that each year cell phones are involved in 1.6 million auto crashes that cause half a million injuries and take 6,000 lives. In Florida, texting while driving is governed by section 316.305 of the Florida Statutes. Law enforcement can only charge someone with texting while driving if they are pulled over for another reason. In other words they can’t pull you over for texting while driving. That’s why State Senator Thad Altman of Viera, along with other lawmakers are proposing a law that would give law enforcement the power to conduct a traffic stop on driver’s for texting while driving, even if that driver didn’t commit any other offenses. Regardless of the state of the law texting and driving is downright dangerous, so please don’t text and drive.

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